The AB(ee)Cs of the Bee World


TV is good for more than directv nfl sunday ticket programs, it can be educational too. We love bees and all the stuff bees make, but today we’re going to talk about the basics. Bees are one of the most feared flying insects to share the Earth with human beings. However, you may find these small insects are not quite as ominous as thought. In fact, they are fascinating creatures with a purpose you cannot simply dismiss. In truth, bees are far more than just that nasty little stinger so many people dread.

Approximately 20,000 different species of bees exist on the Earth today, including eleven new species discovered in the last few years. The largest of these insects is the Megachile Pluto, a leaf-cutter species, the female boasting a wingspan of two and a half inches with a head that measures a half an inch wide. If that isn’t impressive, perhaps you will find the fact the honey bee has existed for approximately 30 million years remarkable. Today, this particular species is responsible for one-quarter of the pollination required for all the fruit produced in the United States.

Perhaps one of the most humbling facts about these creatures is a colony can consist of 60,000 bees. Understandably, protecting the hive from predators is a priority. On an average, honey bees simply swarm and sting their enemy. However, the Japanese honey bee creates a “hot defensive bee ball” that envelops their insect enemy, overheating and killing the enemy insect. In the end, the best idea is to respect bees, avoid disturbing their homes and appreciate all they do for you.

How To Use Bee’s Wax


Bee’s wax has a number of useful purposes; from waterproofing your leather to getting a kitchen drawer moving again, bee’s wax is an amazing, helpful substance. Learn more about how to use bee’s wax below.

Spreading a coating of bee’s wax on the runners of a stuck drawer can make it slide normally again. In fact, bee’s wax can be helpful in making any “sticky” object slide naturally from an open to a closed position.

Bronze is quite susceptible to moisture in the air; to keep your bronze objects from succumbing to Read the rest of this entry »

Creative Uses For Bee’s Wax


Bee’s wax is a naturally created product found in the gives of bees. While many people who work with bees seek out the honey, there are also a variety of uses when it comes to bee’s wax. Some of these uses are common, while others a a bit more creative.

One of the top uses for bee’s wax is in the creation of candles. Bee’s wax candles do not pollute the air like paraffin wax candle can and can actually help to Read the rest of this entry »

How To Raise Your Own Bees


If you want to be a beekeeper, the first thing you will need is a place for your bees to live. While wild bees often set up their homes in hollow logs, it will be much easier to take care of your colony if you invest in a hive. A hive consists of a deep box filled with frames spaced 5/16 of an inch apart. This gives the bees a place to build their honeycomb while providing them with spaces to move about. When you need to check on your Read the rest of this entry »

How To Make Your Own Honey


Making your own honey can be an enjoyable and profitable hobby or career. Setting things up to create your own honey is not as difficult as it might sound. The first thing you need is bee boxes, depending on how many bees you are going to have will dictate how many boxes you need. Then you bring in the bees and let them get settled in to their new home. The boxes have slats in them where the honey and honeycomb will be put by the bees. Whenever Read the rest of this entry »

Beekeeping: A Hobby For The Young and Old Alike


When you think of hobbies, beekeeping probaby isn’t the first thig that enteres your head, but you would be surprised to learn that bekeeping is a hobby for tens of thousand of people just here in the United States. Why is beekeeping so popular? Beekeping is great because it provides the beekeeper an opportunity to learn about nature as well as understand the honey bee, one of the most vital species to our environment. Beekeeping can be fun, since it is hands-on and allows Read the rest of this entry »

Simple Tips For Caring for Bees


Honey bees are very common as this is where most of the world’s honey comes from. It takes a highly dedicated, patient, and calm individual to raise honey bees as it can be a very dangerous job. When caring for honeybees there are a few tips that could help you ensure that you and the bees are as safe and calm as possible.

One of the best tips that any beginning beekeeper can learn is that all bees need some type of water. When raising bees it is very important that there Read the rest of this entry »

How To Make Beekeeping A Hobby


If you’re looking for a hobby that is fun, unusual, and potentially very profitable, why not consider beekeeping? After all, isn’t the ultimate dream of any hobbyist to make money from something they truly enjoy doing?

Beekeeping is a hobby that can be easy to get started in too. The first step is usually to determine whether there are any local ordinances against keeping bees within certain areas such as city limits or other boundaries. Besides this, obtaining certain equipment and learning the skills required are just a matter of time and patience.

A good Read the rest of this entry »

What To Wear To Stay Safe While Beekeeping


The best thing to wear when tending to bees is a beekeeper’s suit. This suit is designed to be your first line of defense against bee stings.

A beekeeper suit is almost always made of a strong, thick, white material. The white suit helps bees to know that the beekeeper is not a predator. Most of the bees’ predators are animals with dark fur, such as bears. The suit is designed to cover the entire body from Read the rest of this entry »

A Beekeeper’s Guide to Beekeeping Clothes


Although people like to be able to wear whatever they want if they are at home, this is not such a good idea when you are beekeeping. The reason for this is that bees have a genetic reaction to attack things that are darker colored, but not so much for things that are lighter. This is also a large reason why bees are attracted to bright things such as flowers and certain buildings. When you are beekeeping you need to be sure that you wear white clothing, or a matching color of brightness to Read the rest of this entry »